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How to Control your Brawler

Within this Brawl Stars Hack Guide we want to explain to you everything about this Game. If you are not an absolute beginner then you can just skip this Tutorial about the Controls. You can move the Brawlers with the Joystick. You can find the Joystick on the left side of your screen. By Tapping on the right side of your Screen you can control the Attacks. If tapping you can Aim and by Dragging you can release the Attacks of your Brawler. By fast Tapping, you can go for a quick fire. The nice Part about the Quick-Fire is that your Brawler will automatically aim for the nearest Enemy or Object.

What makes Brawl Stars so unique is that every Brawler comes with its own Super Attack. Once the Super Ability is ready you can release it by using the Yellow Joystick. You can find is under the regular Attack Joystick on the right side! Even if you Die the Super Attack will not be lost and is still available.

Another Important Gameplay Factor is the Status Bars of your Brawler. You will basically see a Health Bar such as an Attacks Bar. Every Brawler has a maximum of three Attacks. Once the attacks are wasted you have to wait for the Attacks-Bar to Regenerate. This will happen over time!

The Health Bar is can Regenerate if you Character don’t take any Damage on don’t spell any attacks. When the Health-Bar reaches Zero you character will be Knocked out.

How to Join Brawl Events

Overall there are seven Types of Events within Brawl Stars. Through the Brawl Tab, you are able to Join those! The Types are Gem Grab, Showdown, Heist, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Siege, and Duo Showdown.

The Events will rotate. There is a maximum of five Events which will get displayed. When a new Event will start you have the chance to grab 10 Tokens by just Tapping the Event-Slot. Also by winning the Event for the first time of the Rotation you have the chance to win a Big Brawl Box. This happens after you collected the 10 Tokens.

Special Events

Every weekend special Events are available within the fifth Slot. To join these Events you need Tickets which you can get from Brawl Boxes. Those Events don’t affect your Trohpy Count. Means that they are not Ranked. Mostly the Special Events are available in those Types: Big Game, Robo Rumble or the Boss Fight.

What makes these Events so amazing is that you can win big numbers of Tokens. As you can see this Brawl Stars Hack Tutorial gives you some solid Tips even at the Basics-Description. Just keep reading to learn more.

Gem Grab Event

The Gem Grab Event is currently a Fantastic and Quick Game Mode. Within this Event, there will be a Crystal Mine in the Middle of the Map. Two Teams with three Players each have to goal to be the first team to Pick-Up 10 Crystals. Once one Team got 10 Crystals a Countdown over 16 Seconds will Start. The last Team which has more than 10 Crystals at the end of the Countdown will win the Event.

The Showdown Event

Another Game Mode which we want to explain you within this Brawl Stars Cheats Guide is the Showdown Event. There will be a Total of 10 Players within this Mode. The goal is to be The Last Man Standing. Once a Crate is opened there will a Power-Up appear on the Map. This Boost will increase your Health by 400. Also the Attack Damage up to 10%. Like in every Battle Royale Game or Game Mode a Toxic Gas will be released. This will force all Brawlers in the Middle of the Map to Speed up the Process. The Longer you survive the Better the Rewards that you will be granted at the end of the Round.

Heist Event

What makes Brawl Stars unique is the big variety of Game Modes. Something which you probably saw in any other Game before is the Heist Event. There will be two Teams in every around including three players each. Every Team will own a Safe with 40,000 Health Points. The Goal is to Destroy your enemies Safe and Protect your own. The first Team that will kill the Enemies Team Safe will win. If no Team manages to kill the enemies Safe then the Team with more Health left on their Safe will win the Event.

Brawl Ball Event

The concept of Brawl Ball is simple. Just score two goals to win. As in the other Matches, there are Two Teams in every round including three players each. The Ball can be found in the Middle of the Map. Just go close to the Ball to catch it and score it. You can not shoot while walking with the Ball otherwise you will lose it. The first Team that Scores two Goals will win. Nothing easier than that right?

Bounty Event: Hunt the other Team for Stars

Ever wanted to be a Bounty Hunter? Why then not just go for the Bounty Event in Brawl Stars. Within this Brawl Stars Hack Article we are going to explain to you all common Game Modes. Within the Bounty Event, you have to hunt the other Team for stars. Every Brawler will start with a Two Stars Bounty. Which is Displayed over the Characters Head. Once you kill one Enemy the Stars will be added to your Teams-Score. The Team with the most Stars will win. Also if you kill one Brawler one more Star will be added to your Character. You can stack up to seven Stars. Once your Brawler dies the Stars will reset against to two.

Siege – Tower Defense Mode

Before we start to explain to you something about the Siege Event you should know that this Game-Mode takes really long to complete. This is why you will get twice as many rewards as in other Game Modes. Within the Siege Event, both Teams will own an IKE Turret. It owns 40,000 Health and will shoot Bolts to your Enemies. Bolts will be spawned at the Middle of the Map. You can pick them Up and hold a few Seconds to feed your Turret.

During specific intervals, you IKE Turret will build a Robot which can help you to Destroy your Enemies Turret. The more Bolts you feed to your Turret the better the Robot Production will be. The Robots will have a Total of 50,000 Health. Just make sure you don’t get Hit by your enemies IKE Turret since it deals 1,000 Damage per shot. The Team which Destroys their Enemies Tower first will win. Or the Team with more Health left on their IKE Turret wins.

Showdown (Duo and Solo)

Similar to the Solo Showdown you will spawn with a Team in Duo Showdown. There will be a total of four Teams. The Goal within this Event is to be the Last Man Standing. Boxes are available around the Map which includes Cubes. If you pick up a Cube your Team-Mate will also beg ranted one Cube. If your Mates dies there will be a Respawn Rate of 15 Seconds. When both of you Die before one Respawns the Game is over!

As you can see there are many Different Events available in Brawl Stars. This makes sure this game will never get Boring for you. This is why the Game gained so much popularity! Actually, Brawl Stars is one of the biggest Games for Android & iOS Worldwide. Event Brawl Stars Hack tools which can Generate more Tokens are available. Later we will explain to you More about Brawl Stars Cheats! Just make sure you donĀ“t skip the Basics Guide including Strategies, Tips & Tricks!

Join Clubs for more fun

Every Game has itĀ“s own Clan System. And Brawl Stars too. The only difference is that this is called Clubs in Brawl Stars. You can Join Matches and Chat in the game with your Club Members. Every Club can have up to 100 Members. Clubs come even with their own Leaderboards based on the Clubs Trophy Score.

Collect more Tokens for Brawl Boxes

By collecting 100 Tokens you will get a Regular Brawl Box. And 10 Star Tokens will award you with a Big Box. You can find Coins, PowerPoints, New Brawlers, Gems, Tickets and even Tokens Doubler within a Box. This is why you should keep your focus on collecting Tokens. Keep in mind that if you have enough PowerPoints for your Brawler to Level it up to nine you will not find more PowerPoints for this Brawler.

Tips & Tricks – Best Brawl Stars Cheats

We want to share a few more Tips and Tricks for you within this Brawl Stars Hack Guide! There are many factors and Tactics which can really kill it for you. Stick to these Tips and you will be a professional Player as soon as possible!

Different Brawlers have a different way of Gameplay. While one Brawler is good for Range another Brawler will be a good defender. This is why you should know all kind of Brawlers. So you know how to play them. And how to counter specific enemies.

You should also learn to Retread. Once you are Low on Health you can try to Hide in order to Regenerate more Health. Going into the Battle with very Low Health is not the best thing that you could do.

Two more Tips for you

Another important Tip that you can learn in this Brawl Stars Hack Tutorial is to know how fast and far your Attacks Travel. If your enemies can simply change itĀ“s position before your Attacks reach the Destination you will not make any kills. Use your attacks Strategically to simply achieve more kills.

Different Brawlers comes with Different Mechanics. Related to the First Tip that we gave you within this Headline you should also know the Mechanics of each Brawler. Crow comes with fast Movement Speed and poison. So you could quickly Rush the Enemy and Poison it. While Barleys Attacks will go over Walls you could use this Brawler to Hide and Shoot over Walls.

How to choose the Best Brawlers

There are many Brawlers available. If you already have a few then you should learn more about the META (Brawler Ranking). There are a few Criteria for the Brawlers to get Ranked. Actually, there is a List including the Best Brawlers. Of course, we are ready to explain you the Brawler Ranking System within our Advanced Brawl Stars Hack Post!

First, you have to know that there are many different Ranks the Best Ranks are S, A+ and A. Down to the Bottom There are B, C & F Ranks for Brawlers. The Ranking Criteria was specially created for new Players. Brawlers that are easy to use with Straight Forwards Skills are Ranked higher. Compared Brawlers with more complicated Mechanics.

Also, the Number of Game-Modes in which the Brawler will be useful and good is a criterion for its Ranking. Also, Stats are important. And as we think, very important! Depending on Health and Attack Damage the stats will get compared. Higher Rates means basically the Brawler is better than others.

How Effective and Strong the Super-Attack is will get compared and is a criterion as well. We hope this gives you an idea about how Brawlers get classified. You canĀ“t go wrong by choosing Hing Ranked Brawlers with the Rank of S, A+ or A. This means those Brawlers are very good and will give you a solid chance to be effective in every Game.

How to Upgrade Brawlers Fast

By Leveling Up your Brawlers you will get better Stats. Means the higher the Level of your Brawlers the better the Stats will be. ThatĀ“s just simple Math! Your goal will be to Level Up your Best Brawlers up to Level 10. This will give you the most possible Damage available from your Brawlers. As we advertised this Post to be the best Brawl Stars Hack Tutorial we will provide you with the best Methods to Level up your Brawlers Quickly!

To Level up your Brawler, you will need some PowerPoints. Each Brawler comes with itĀ“s Individual Powerpoints Pool. You have to fill up the Powerpool-Bar. After the Bar is full you have to spend some Coins to unlock the Level up of your Brawler!

After your Brawler Reaches Level 10 you can unlock the Star Power. This is a unique Passive Skill which could be better movement speed or modified weapons. Before your Brawler doesnĀ“t reach Level 10 itĀ“s not as good as it could be!

In order to Upgrade your Brawler to Level 10, you will need one Specific item which is called Star Power. You can find it in Brawl Boxes or buy it in the Shop. This item is only available if you have a Brawler at Level 9!

How to get more Power Points

Power Points are needed to fill-Up the Power Points Toolbar of your Brawlers in order to Level them. This Brawl Stars Cheats Walkthrough comes with a few effective Tricks which will show you the most effective way to obtain PowerPoints.

The most common way to get Power Points is by opening Brawl Boxes. Sadly you can’t really focus on specific PowerPoints for your Brawler. You will get random Power Points of any Brawler you own. But donĀ“t worry! There is a solution for this Problem. You can earn up to 25 Power Points from Trophy Road Rewards. And the best part about this is that you can select which Brawler should get those Points.

Another Method to get Power-Points that we donĀ“t like or Support is to buy PowerPoints from the Shop. This is actually pretty expensive and there are several ways to skip this. You could use the Brawl Stars Hack or other Cheats to get more PowerPoints.

Best Strategies to Farm Trophies

Want to get Trophies quickly? No problem, this Brawl Stars Hack Article explains to you how easy this could be. Just play and try to win the showdown Event to get Trophies fast. Within the lower Trophy Ranks, you can earn up to 10 Trophies at once by winning a Game.

The Number will get lower the Higher your Rank is. At Rank 9 you will just get one Trophy. Compared to Rank 1 you will get 8 Trophies. In ranks 2 just 7 and so on. Means that higher Trophy Ranks earn you fewer Trophies. This is why you should focus on this already at lower Ranks to get the most possible Trophies available.

What makes Trophies Farming in Showdown so nice is that you donĀ“t even have to win. Even if you are just placed at #5 you will earn Trophies. What you could do to makes this Farming Technique more effective is to choose the best Brawlers for the Showdown Event. Leon, Spike, Bull or Brock would be a good choice for the showdown.

Tips to Win all Showdown Events

Since Showdown Events are effective to Farm Trophies you should really know some Tips & Tricks to win those Games. Of course, you can find these Methods within this Brawl Stars Hack Page. Important is to Focus on Boxes right from the Start. Boxes can be found around the Map and contain some Boosts. This Boosts will increase your Health such as Attack Damage. By collecting 3 Power-Ups right from the start you will have big advantages in the late Game.

There are many Bushes around Showdown Maps you should take advantage of it. Hide in Bushes to Generate Health. This helps you to survive longer. Also, you can ambush right out of the Bushes. Wait for the Perfect situation to hit your Enemies! This Tactic works perfectly if you hide in Fights. Once someone survives with low Health you can jump out of the Bush to kill the enemy.

When it comes to Duos in Showdown you should stick to some unwritten Rules. But what Rules? Well, we are about to explain to you this within this Step by Step Brawl Stars Cheats Tutorial. The first but very important rule is to not play Solo in Duo Matches. Stick to your Partner! Your enemies will also Walk in Duos and you are about to lose running solo into a Team.

Also if your Mate Dies you should try to hide in order to stay alive! Once both of you are Dead the game is lost. Just don’t try to be the Hero trying to Solo-Kill other Teams on low Health. Once your Team killed an Enemy you should try to find the last Brawler of their Team. If you let him survive you give them the Chance to Revive. Just kill both to kick the Team out of the Match.

Get more Tokens in Brawl Stars

To get more Tokens can be easy if you know how! Of course, you could just use a Brawl Stars Hack or some Brawl Star Cheats to add more tokens to your Account. But even the common ways are worth it if you exactly know how it works. Here are some Tips that could make your Life easy when it comes to tokens. Tokens are the most important currency in Brawl Stars. You can use Tokens to buy Brawl Boxes. We already wrote something at the beginning of this Guide about Brawl Boxes. These contain Solid Rewards!

In order to Farm more Tokens, you just have to play the Game! Doesn’t matter if you win or lose you will always get Tokens as a Reward. The Number of Tokens that you can get is related to your Ingame Performance. If you win a Team Battle you will get 20 Tokens. Since Showdown Events are good to Farm Trophies you could combine it with your Tokens Farm.

You will get up to 34 Tokens for a Showdown Event. Gaining Experience to Level Up is also worth it. You will get 20 Tokens for each Level up. Ranking Up a Brawler just gives you 10 Tokens. Basically, you earn Tokens when you win a Match. Ranging from 10 to 20 Tokens. Also when you Level Up. So the best thing you can do to Farm Tokens is to Keep Playing Brawl Stars.

How to get Star Tokens

When you Unlock and Play new Events for your first Time you will always get Star Tokes as a Reward. This is why you should keep your Focus on these events. What makes Star Tokens worth it is that you can exchange them for Big Boxes. They contain 3x more loot then the regular Brawl Box.

The Power is within Token Doublers

Token Doublers can be found within Boxes. So the best Trick that we can give you inside this Brawl Stars Hack Guide is to use Token Doublers. They can double the number of Tokens that you get within a limited Time. You can Buy Token Doublers also within the Shop using the Premium currency. They cost 50 Gems or are like we told you before Rare to get from Boxes.

Use the Blue Stacks Emulator to win All Games

Another kind of Brawl Stars Hack that can help you to have a better performance in the game is to use Bluestacks. This is basically an Emulator for Android Games. You can install this App on your Laptop or Computer. The Trick now is to change the Joystick Settings. You can edit the Key Bindings so that you can play Brawl Stars like you would play a Regular Ego-Shooter on your Computer.

The Joystick-Performance on your Smartphone or Tablet is limited. You canĀ“t move as good as you could on a Computer or Laptop. At this Point, you could really kill it with Bluestacks. Imagine you have better aim and Performance. This will help you to be the best player in every round. The Results are better rankings and even More Tokens and Trophies.