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This Top 5 Celebrity Apps List includes Apps for Android that are about a specific Celebrity or Fame in General. There are some Apps around which Focus on a Celebrity. The best example is Kim Kardashian Hollywood. This App got over 1 Million Downloads on the Play Store. Mostly all Apps within this List are about Fame, Style & Fashion. This is exactly what it means to be a celebrity. Make sure to check the Whole List to see our Top 5 Celebrity Apps!

#5 Starside Celebrity Resort – Game About Celebrities

The first Celebrity App that we want to present you come from the Gaming Genre. Starside Celebrity Resort is a Game where you can Build a Celebrity-Resort. You have to start from Scratch but you can build a Luxury Resort for the Celebrities. While playing this game you can become an idea of what it means to be a Super Fame celebrity. Also, you can find out about some secrets here and there about the Celebs from this Game. We give this Game the Ranking of Number 5 within our List!

#4 Fashion Empire – Are you into Fashion?

Another Game that you should not miss when it comes to Celebrity Apps is Fashion Empire. This App is all about Fashion. Get Clothes, Hairs, Make-Up and more for your characters to make them look fantastic. You can even Join Photo-Shootings. Don´t forget being a Celebrity means to play within the Fashion Game. Do you think you can Handle it? Try your skills in Fashion Empire and maybe you will be a celebrity soon?

#3 MovieStarPlanet – Be the Movie Star

MovieStarPlanet takes its place in the roleplay Genre. This App is a mix of your Daily Social Network and a roleplay Game. You can Design your own character, change clothes, join events and even more. In this game, you can let your creativity run wild! There are even more features within this Game! You can create your own Looks and even Movies. Also, you can Design your own Home and own Pets. Will you be the next MovieStar?

#2 Avakin Life – Virtual Reality Celebrity Game

Another Virtual Reality Game? No Avakin Life is not just another Game. It´s a Virtual World where you can Design your own Character. Compared to MovieStarPlanet this Game got a better 3D-Graphic and comes with even more Features. This Game is not just Popular but really got a Hype now. Take your chance and join on the Hype! As in the other Games, you can Design your own Character, wear cool outfits and more. You can even own your own Luxury Cars, nice apartments got to Holidays and have fun with Friends. Will you be the Celebrity within Avakin Life? The better your Characters is the more Fame you are in-Game. By the way, we already released a Post about Avakin Life Cheats. Feel free to read it!

#1 Kim Kardashian Hollywood – Best Celebrity Game

The Number one Android Celebrity App that we want to show you is Kim Kardashian Hollywood. The Main Goal within this Game is achieved more Fame. You will start on the E-List. But your Goal will be to Reach the A-List. You don’t just want to be a C-Celeb. Change your outfit, get a Job or even own your own Business. Everything is possible in the Virtual World of Kim Kardashian Hollywood. You can Level up your Character buy new Fashion and work on Daily Missions for more Fame. If you are Fame enough it´s possible that Kim Kardashian will even spoiler you in-game. On secretapp2k we have a Post about the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack. Make sure to read this Article if you play Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

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