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Want to bring your CSR Racing Gameplay to the next Level? We wrote down all Important Tips & Tricks for you within this CSR Racing 2 Hack & Cheats Guide. You just don´t have to be a Pro-Player to win the races. All you need is some Solid expertise, Good Cars, and working Cheats. Are you ready to grab the knowledge?

CSR 2 Racing Hack & Cheats

We will start this CSR 2 Racing Hack Tutorial with some Basic Tips & Tricks. If you are already a Pro-Player you can Skip this. For all others, ready wisely. These beginner Tips are essential for every Race!

At the start of every Race, you should keep an eye on your Cars engine. The Number of Revolutions should always be within the green area. The More Power your Car offers the smaller the Green area will be. You can do this before the Race starts. If you just start to drive once the Game has already started you could lose some important time on that. Also if you give too much Gas you will just turn the tires.

Performance Vs Optic

We see it often Ingame! People keep their focus on Performance over Optic. It´s nice to own a solid Car with all those crazy color and options. But you should really focus on inner values. You are about to win some Races! Or are you about to join a Tuning-Contest?

Grip is Important

Grips are not just important but also something you should really focus on! Don´t forget to work on your tires. Especially when you use Nitro often you should track your car’s tire. Also, try to not tire your tires. This will result in wasted Grip.

Fine Tuning for more Performance

When it comes to fine Tuning you can get the most out of your Cars. You equip Nitro, change the Tire Pressure and many other important Factor you make your Car a Killer on the Streets. Especially when it comes to weight, traction or circuit you can do some changes as well. Just get a good Car and make it a Monster by Finetuning. Nothing more simple than that right?

Best Race Car in CSR Racing 2

In CSR Racing 2 you can choose between many Race Cars. But which is the best one? What you could do it to compare each Car. To see which one comes with the best Stats. But do you really want to do to it? Luckily we have done our Homework and compared the most common Race Cars within this CSR Racing 2 Hack Guide for you.

Start Small, Grow Big

As a beginner, you won´t just start with the best Race Car right ahead. You can choose between some K1 (Class-1) Vehicles. Just small Cars and simple Sports Cars which are not expensive at all.

The best Tip that we can give you within this CSR Racing 2 Cheats Tutorial is to choose the Veloster Turbo R Spec! It comes with (201) Power and (5.000) Traction. Sadly the circuit is slow (500). The Weight of the Veloster Turbo R Spec from Hyundai is quite high. But nothing to worry about. This can be regulated by Tuning! This Car costs about 150 Gold.

If you don’t want to spend Gold but Dollars you can choose the Golf GTI MK1. It comes with 300 Power and is really a Secret Weapon for your first few Races. Sadly it comes with a High Price of 30.000 Dollars.

More Power within the Next Class

Once you Managed to Skip the first Class you will have access to better Racing Cars. Of course, these cars are also more expensive. For 75.000 $ you can get the BMW M235i Coupé. It comes with Solid Power (320) and a fast circuit (325). Also, the Weight is Light (2.875)! The Grip is not so good but this is something you can remedy by Tuning.

Want to buy a Car for Gold? While Dollars ($) are easy to Farm in-Game there are also Vehicles which you can only buy with Gold. The Gold you have In-Game is limited. There are CSR Racing 2 Hack Tools available that can grant you big numbers of Gold. If you have already used some you will not have any problems at this Point!

If so you can buy the 4C Spider. It comes with low Power (237) but fast Circuit (325) and many Traction (7.100). When it comes to Weight the 4C Spider is something out of the Light-Class with just (2.315).

New Class, New Cars

Within Class 3 you have access to very nice Cars! A good choice that we keep recommending in Class 3 is the Audi RS 5 Coupé. This Car is available for Dollars. When it comes to Gold you can get the SRT Hellcat. It costs about 825 Gold and comes with solid Stats. The Hellcat comes with (707) Power, (9.200) Traction and fast circuit (325).

There are still better Cars around with this Class. Sadly they are just Rare-Imports or only available from Season-Prices. If you have the chance to get some of these then you should really get your Hands on the Ferarri California 30. Actually, there are even some CSR 2 Racing Cheats around that give you access to these Rare Racing Cars!

Agony of Choice

Once you reach Class 4 you will have the Agony of Choice when it comes to the best Cars. Of course, we have done some solid Research for you within this CSR Racing 2 Hack Article. One of the better Choices would be the Nissan GT-R (R35). The Price is about 1.500 Gold or 450.000$! It comes with 300 (circuit) and 10.40 (traction) which is a lot and makes the Nissan unbeatable within this class. When it comes to Tuning for the Nisan you should make some changes at weight and power as well.

Another good choice would be the Viper GTS which is available for 1.425 Gold or 430.000$. It comes with heavy weight but many power (645)! If you have a chance to get your Hands on a Corvette Stingray Z06 then you should really do! The Corvette comes with 650 Power and a good Traction off 9400. The circuit is fast too with 325.

The Royal Class

Once you reached Class 5 you are within the Royal Class. Standard vehicles won´t do it for you anymore! In this Class, you have the largest Selection of Dream Cars. We did some research as well for you. Within this CSR 2 Racing Cheats Step-by-Step Guide we will now show you some of the best choices for the Royal Class. The Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 could be a good decision if you want to spend Dollars only. It offers 602 Power and 9.900 Grip! Also, the circuit with 325 is not bad.

If you have some Gold to spend you should choose the Aventador LP 700-4. It is really a killer with 690 Power.

Get your Hands on Rare Imports

Not only affordable Cars are good! Especially within the Royal Class, you will have the chance to get your Hands on many rare Imports. One of the more Heavy cars is the Bugatti Chiron with 1.479 Power or the Ferrari FXX K with 1.036 Power. As you can see the imports can come with amazing Rates. The bad part about them is you will not always have the chance to grab some. And also they are very expensive.

Just by the states, you can imagine that some Solid imports will beat any Regular Vehicle. This is why you will not come around those Super-Cars, especially within the Royal Class where you can find the better ones.

CSR Racing 2 Hack

Is there even a CSR Racing 2 Hack available that Works? We have done some research and tested some of the so-called “Online Generators”. After some Deep research and many test Runs, we Managed to Add some solid amount of Gold and Dollars to our Test Account. As of right now, we won´t change the source until we completed our Testing. If we are done we will let you know and Post it here. We have to be sure that it´s working fine on the long Run without any Account-Blocks or other troubles.

We hope that you liked our CSR Racing 2 Cheats Guide! If you have any additional Pieces of information or Secret Knowledge you can post it within the Comments. Also feel free to Discuss, Like and Share!

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