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Not again some well-known Tips! This is the best Darkness Rises Cheats Tutorial. We cover everything about Darkness Rises! Including Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hacks and more. Darkness Rises is not just another action-RPG Game. It comes with excellent features and fantastic gameplay. But what should new players do in this Game? Read more to get our knowledge!

Tips for Leveling in Darkness Rises

We start this Darkness Rises Cheats Guide with some Top Tips and Tricks. The first but very important Tip that we can give you is to always take advantage of Daily and Weekly Missions. As of right now, this is the best way to Level up your character. While you level up from this Missions you will also be able to enjoy PVE, PVP, and even Co-op Gameplay!

Upgrade your Character & Gear

In order to Dominate PVP or Higher Rank Missions, you should Upgrade your Character. This can be done by using essences. Mostly they can be obtained in Adventure Modes. But also essence Chests have the essences you need inside.

Another point that you should focus on is to Upgrade your Gear. We are talking about Weapon and Armor! By using Upgrade stones you can take any enchanted items in combination with the Stones! To be honest Upgrade Stones can be hard to obtain sometimes, so use it wisely!
Another Method to get better gear is to merge items. Just use two items of the same Rank enhanced to the max. The new item can be better but mostly not. So don´t expect too much from this method.

Don´t Focus on Sets

Mostly all Weapons in Darkness Rises will come with specific Set-Bonus. Means if you wear all the Gear-Set you will get some extra Bonuses. This just starts to kick in with Grade S equipment. So before you go for Sets you should keep your Focus on achieving higher Weapon Grades.

Know the System (PvP)

While each Gaming-Mode in Darkness Rises comes with different features you should learn more about the Basics. Especially in PvP-Battles against real-life players, you should know your enemy. Countering Enemy attacks, blocking and distance are some essential Factors. Especially when it comes to keeping the distance! It´s not like hiding or running away but you have to know the moments when you can make some decent Hits.

You should also Test and Play other Characters. Especially for PvP-Battles, this can be your secret. Just learn the Gameplay of every Character and you will know when to counter or run in PvP Battles.

Keep your Gold for Polish Materials

Instead of Upgrading your Gear using weaker items you should really save your Gold for the Polish Materials. Polishes come with 1.5 more Power than an item of the same grade. Just keep in mind you are wasting Gold by breaking up weaker Items. So better save up all your Gold for Polishes!

Best Spots to Farm

You don´t really need a Darkness Rises Cheats Guide which tells you where to Farm. The game itself gives you the best Tips and Spots to farm more currency! Within the essence page, you can preview which adventure Levels you should Farm.

On the Essence Page, you can click on the stats. Just choose the stat you want to level up. By highlighting the Stat you will see what is needed to level it. Just click on the Material and within the source Tab, you see in which adventure areas you can find those items. Nothing more simple than that right?

Follow the Best in Slot Suggestions

Darkness Rises comes with a great feature which can help you to figure out which Gear you should use for your Characters. There will be a small red Dot around your Characters. You can quickly preview which items are recommended for your Characters.

But you should really look into Details. Means you should not just preview recommended items but also their Stats. To really figure out what is working for you.

Darkness Rises Cheats

We already shared some solid Tips with you. But what is about Darkness Rises Cheats? Many Websites, Youtube Videos, and Forums are out there. Telling you something about Darkness Rises Cheats or Hacks! But are they really Working? Well, we have done some testing for you and the results don’t surprise us. We just gave it a try and used one of the so-called Darkness Rises Hacks. Their result was nothing special! Nothing happened to our Account and Characters. No currency has been added.

If there is something that works we will let you know for sure. It can be possible that we Update this Article if there are some News around. But for now, we can´t recommend nor Share some Working Darkness Rises Cheats with you Guys!

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