Disney Magic Kingdom Hack, Guide & Cheats

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Due to many requests, we wrote this Guide for Disney Magic Kingdoms Hack & Cheats! This Guide includes Step by Steps Tactics for your Magic Kingdom.

Within the Disney Magic Kingdom, you can control your own Magic Kingdom. You are the boss of the Park. The only problem is that Disney Magic Kingdom is cursed from Maleficent. But don´t worry with the Help of the Merlin Wizard you can fight against this Curse.

Merlin will Pop-Up from time to time and give you some advanced Tips. Within this Guide, we will be your Merlin and tell you the best Tips & Tricks. Also, we will give you information about Disney Magic Kingdom Cheats here!

Get Started in Disney Magic Kingdoms

When you are just about to start the Game you will start with Mickey Mouse. After some Quests, you can unlock Goofy as well. This will be your first Main Characters which you can level Up. Also, you have to use those Characters to complete Quests. Each Character can reach the maximum Level of 10 which should be your goal.

While working on Quests you can Level up and find Items which you need to unlock more Characters. The more you play the bigger you can expand your Park. Nothing complicated about it right?

Focus on Story Mode

In this Magic Kingdom Hack Tutorial, we will share pure Information with you. Well, the very first but important Tip that we can give you is to Focus on the Story Mode first. The Story Mode is essential to unlocking more Story of the game. You need those also to advance the story of your Characters.
There are also Fun Quests available for you. You can complete these if you are already done with the Story-Mode Quests. Of course, you will get Magic & Items from these Fun Quests. They are nice for Loot and Magic. They will just not help you with more Content.

Level Up your Characters

We can not say it often enough! Keep your Focus on Leveling up your Characters. Once you Level up your Character you can unlock new Contents. To do so you need ample Magic. If you forget to Upgrade your Characters they will Stick on their Level. The bad part about this is that you can´t get any items then once you Advance to the next Level. This is annoying and will stop you from making progress with your Park!

Take Care of the Guests to Unlock Parades

Another important Disney Magic Kingdoms Hack is to keep care of your Guests. Each time your Guests are there and ask for help you should take Action. You will basically see an Icon Popping-Out of the Guests. Which tells you what they want to see or do. The more your Help the Guests within your Park. The Higher Happiness. This Feature can help you to Unlock Parades. There you will mostly get solid rewards once you finished it.

Join Special Events

Try to take Part on Special Events whenever you can. Once in a while, there will be Special Events here and there. It can be anything from Tapping Birds or others. But what makes these Special events so amazing? Well, you have the chance to get Bonus Magic once they are completed. The rewards are based on your Leaderboards Ranking.

Special Events will randomly appear. The only chance to take Part is to Play Disney Magic Kingdoms as often as you can. Just Login on a Daily Basis. You don´t have to play for Hours. Just log-in and make a few Taps here and there.

Disney Magic Kingdom Cheats: Time Management

Do you really need Disney Magic Kingdom Cheats? A brain will also do the job for you. Like in every Building Game you can kill it with Time Management. What does this mean? Once you expanded your Park and got a few Characters you will have a solid Activity Portfolio. Means that you will be able to Plan your Actions. So your Park will even do it´s Business while you are Offline. Sounds logical right? It actually is. This is how the Top Players from the Leaderboards to their job.

Don´t just Unlock Random Park Areas

Before we will you more about the Disney Magic Kingdom Hack we want to explain to you something about unlocking Park Areas. While completing Story-Mode Quests it´s possible that Merlin will appear one day and ask you to Unlock specific Park Areas. To do so you have to own enough Magic.

When you are going to Unlock Random Park Areas which can cost you something like 50,000 Magic you will have a little problem. If Merlin appears you will not own enough Magic to unlock the Story-Based Park Area. This Stops you from making more Progress and you have to do a Hard Job to get again enough Magic.

Unlock Premium Characters

Another nice feature is to Unlock Premium Characters. They are not needed for the Story Mode but can help you to get more Quests, Rare Items and even more Activites. Sadly Purple Diamonds (Gems) are just available through In-App Purchases. Sometimes you will see limited time offer Discounts for Characters or Gems. This is the perfect time to catch the fish. It´s really up to you if you want to Unlock those Characters.

Rumors say that there are some Tools around like the Magic Kingdoms Hack. We heard that it´s possible to Add any number of Gems and even Magic to your Account. We are still at our Research-Phase to find a working Magic Kingdoms Gems Hack for you. When we feel like we found a Secure, Solid and Working Tool we will share it with you here!

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