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We spend some time creating this Homescapes Cheats Post for you. What you can find here are the latest Cheats & Hacks for Homescapes. As of right now, there are some Homescapes Hacks available that claims to give you unlimited currency or lives. But are those working? Well, everything at your own Risk! What we offer you is a solid Walkthrough that you canĀ“t go wrong with!

Tips and Tricks for Homescapes

Before we start this amazing Walkthrough for Homescapes Cheats we want to introduce you the Basics. For each level, you have to move chips and objects so that you can form rows. Each time you have a row of at least three objects it will disappear and form a new pattern.

But what is with Homescapes Cheats? Of course, there are some Solid Tips and Tricks that we can reveal.

If you are out of options you can move Chips from above. Most of the time those are the ones which can unlock the puzzles.

When you don’t even know how to move forward you can keep your focus un explosives which can give you some further progress within the puzzles.

Some Chips can move if you donĀ“t take any Action! This is the perfect timing to grab a big move of the Puzzle!

Advances HomeScapes Cheats

DonĀ“t just think that the few Tips that we give you above are everything. There are still more Hints and Tricks that can help you with your progress forward! While you make your Progress through the Levels your obstacles will get more complicated. Once you don’t know what to do there are some Homescape Cheats which can save you from failing.

One of the first obstacles that you have to Deal with is Lawns. To move forward you have to combine Chips from the inside of the Grass with Chips from the outside.

Another obstacle that can make your life Harder are Chains! Those cannot be moved. But what you can do is to break the Chains by using explosives.

Homescapes Coins Hack

The in-game currency Coins is needed to get extra moves and lives. But also to buy some Decorations. What we recommend you is to save all your Coins. Just donĀ“t waste them all on extra moves. Sure you can buy lives here and there. But mostly your Live will regenerate every thirty minutes.

Our experience shows us that most Players of Homescapes will end up spending Coins on extra Mobes and Lives. You will get some Coins for each Level that you complete in Homescapes. You can increase the number of Coins that you get up to 50%. Just make sure you donĀ“t have too many movements to complete a Level.

Another Homescapes Hack to get Coins is to link your Account to Facebook. This will grant you a Bonus of one thousand free extra Coins.

How to complete Levels in Homescapes

What is a Homescapes Cheats Guide without a real Walkthrough? Nothing special! On secretapp2k we are about to release solid Guides only. This is why you can find here a full Tutorial that helps you to complete Level 1 to Level 15! This will be a great Kickstart if you are new in Homescapes.

How to Complete Level 1 to 5

Level 1 – You have to collect 12 Lamps: Make sure to match Lamps. But also Match others and clear the whole Board. By Matching four Items of the same objective you can make some combos which will increase your Progress.

Level 2 – Collect 16 Cups & Books: Make sure to use Rockets for lower the Board. In Level 2 itĀ“s easy to make Combos. So take advantage of it! By combining Combos you can get better explosions. That will help you to clear the Board quickly.

Level 3 – Collect 20 Cups and Lamps: This Level comes with many chances for Combos. So better try to use them all! Try to combine your Power-Ups with a brain.

Level 4 – Collect 25 Buttons: In this Level, there will be a Paper Plane in every combo. By Matching 4 Objectives you will get a Paper Plane Power Up. You can combine Paper Plane Power-Ups with other Power-Ups!

Level 5 – Collect 35 Cups and 25 Books: Use Rainbow Balls to collect Books and Cups. Use it to complete the board.

Complete Level 6 to 10 Quickly

Level 6 – Lay 98 Carpets: Combine the Rocket and Bomb with your first Move. Make Combos on the carpet. Combos will spread Carpets!

Level 7 – Lay 73 Carpets: Same as Level 6! In addition, use Paper Planes to carpet an area. Bombs and Rockets can be effective at the beginning of this Stage.

Level 8 – Lay 68 Carpets: Unlock Chaines Items by doing Combos! Try to get quickly to the Carpet so you can spread it. DonĀ“t waste explosives on carpet areas.

Level 9 – Lay 69 Carpets: Keep in Mind that the Hammer Power up can unchain any tile. It can be used to spread Carpets too! Keep your Focus on unchaining Items. Make sure to use the Rainbow Ball on a Power Up!

Level 10 – Collect 30 Lamps and Collect 30 Buttons: Unchain Items to clear the Board! But donĀ“t unchain every single item. Just the important ones that will make your way through. Combine the Power-Ups below!

How to clear Level 11 to 15

Level 11 – Lay 67 Carpets and Collect 60 Lamps: Make sure to free up Chained items. Keep your focus to clear half of the board. Collect the Lamps once you cleared 3/4 of the Board.

Level 12 – Collect 20 Cherries: Again you can use Paper Planes. Use them to get the last Cherries! You can make combos neat the jelly.

Level 13 – Collect 26 Cherries: Thick Jellies require big combos to break them up. Make sure to keep explosives to combine with other Power-Ups.

Level 14 – Collect 32 Cherries: Keep an eye on Jelly with Cherries inside! Since this Level comes with three Stages make sure to clear the first two ASAP! Combos are effective here.

Level 15 – Lay 74 Carpets: Once again use Rockets to spread the carpets. Make sure to lay Carpet on the Bottom first, then Top!

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