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Looking for Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats? If so then Welcome to our Site. In this Guide, we will not just give you Tips & Tricks but also tell you more about the Newest Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack!

The goal in Kim Kardashian Hollywood is to rise from a NoName Celebrity to an A-List Star. Trough the process you can join social such as celebrity activities with your character. To make some Progress you have to complete a Series of Quests including Event, Photo Shoots and many more. As you make progress and earn some “In-Game Currency” you will be able to buy houses, clothes and more. You can even hang around with Kim Kardashian.

Rankings in Kim Kardashian Hollywood

The Goal of Kim Kardashian Hollywood is to reach the A-List. This is currently the highest possible Fame Badge that you can even get. When you just started this Game you have to start from scratch. Means your Character will Start with 0 Fans and the Unlisted Badge! Looking forward and playing hard you can join the E, D, C, & B List. The Highest Possible Rank is to join the A-List which is really hard to achieve. For every new List that you Join you will get Stars as Rewards.

Very Tricky for beginners is the Fact that you will not get many Fans within the E & D List. Starting from the C-List it´s kind of easy to gain more and more Fans. The only advice that we can give you here is to keep working on your Fame.

Complete Luxe Goals

One very important Tip that we want to give you within this Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats Guide is to complete Luxe Goals. It´s possible that you will get a Call from Maria Holmes. She will give you a little Quest here and there. By completing them you can Cash, Stars, XP and Energy. The Trick to get those Calls with Luxe Goals is to keep your Goal Que on a Manageable amount. Try to not own over three Goals within your Que. Once you have too much in your Que Maria will not call you.

Earn Experience to Level Up

It´s clear that you need some Experience (XP) to Level up. But what are the best Methods and Ways to earn some XP? You can gain Experience by completing Goals & achievements. Another Trick to Level up fast is by Tapping Pets and tappable. So the key is to Focus on interactions In-Game to get more XP quickly.

Complete all 63 Achievements for extra Rewards

Need more Cash, Energy, Stars, and XP? Then don´t waste any time and start to complete Achievements. There are a Total of 63 Achievements available which will give you extra Cash, Energy, Stars and XP besides the Main-Quests. Achievements will give you Rewards once they are completed. You can reach Achievements within Dates or by upgrading wardrobe and possessions. Some Achievements can even be milked out to Level 5. Means you can even Level up Achievements for which you already got Rewards.

Complete Partnerships

Another Trick that we want to explain you inside this Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats Tutorial is to complete Partnerships. Partnerships are available from Level 11. Also, you have to complete the Glamm Dinner Meeting Goal. Rewards for Partnerships are Cash, Stars & Energy. But also exclusive items and photobooth Backgrounds are available as Rewards. To complete Partnerships you have to collect all Badges. Including the bronze, silver & Gold Badges.

You can get Partnerships with the Glamm Magazine, Eleganza, Muse Magazine, Tajni, Miraggio Grande and many others. Just to name a few! Also, VIP Partnerships are available which are just for VIP-Players.

Keep your Eyes open for Special Events

Not just another Trick that you already heard about. This Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats Posts covers all hidden Tips & Tricks! Did you ever hear about Special Events in Kim Kardashian Hollywood? Those are temporary goal arcs. They are only available during Weekends. You will be able to earn more Cash, Energy, Stars, and XP during Special Events.

You will even have the chance to collect Event-Stars. These can be used to Unlock Rare Rewards such as Kustomize items. So don´t miss any chance to join Special Events!

Keep Dating and Networking

Within the Game, you can find a few Characters (NPCs) which will appear in goals, locations or the Storyline. What you can do now is to Date or even Network those NPCs. Important to know is that these Contacts will be randomly Generated by the Game. Means that this will be individual for every Player.

Work on Relationships with VIP Characters

Special Characters that you can meet within the Game are VIP-Characters. Just like Professional Characters, they are available to work with you. The Trick here is that you can get better Rewards from VIP Characters. And this is something that you should not miss.

To build a Relationship with a VIP-Character you just have to invite the Character into your Home. Just hang out with them to work on the Relationship. Once the VIP-Character is available you will have the chance to work for the next 24 Hours with the Character. The more you hang out with VIPs the better the Relationship will be. Overall there is 5 Kind of Relationships available. If you Level Up the Relationship to the Maximum you will get better Rewards by working with those Characters.

Interact with Tappables

As we already told you within this Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Cheats Article, you should really interact with Tappables. What you will get are Cash, Energy, and XP! Just keep in mind you have to Tap on the Rewards from the Objects before they Vanish.

Tappables are available in different Areas and in many kinds and forms. There are Pets around like the Pigeon. Or just objects like a Fire Hydrant, Coffee Signs, Bicycles, Newspaper Stands and many others. Just keep Tapping and Tapping to get Cash & Experience the fast way.

Use Konnections

Once you reach Level 8 you will have access to the feature “Konnections”. This is basically an In-Game Dating Platform which you can use to build Relationships or Dates. You can access the Konnections feature by Tapping the Stars or Heart Icon on the Bottom of your Screen!

Professional Characters are marked with a Star. They are available to work with you. Romantic Contacts will be marked with a Heart. These are available for Dates. Just use the Konnections App once to Unlock the Goal Ark Dated for free XP, Energy & Cash!

Adopt a Baby for more Fans

Another feature that you can use to gain more Fans is by using the Feature Babies. This is a feature available in Kim Kardashian Hollywood that allows you to get up to two Babys without being married. To do so you must reach Level 9! Also, you have to own a Home.

Once you adopted your Baby Kim Kardashian and Ray Powers will post some congratulations on your Feed. This will result in more Fans and Better Rankings. Actually, this is a Hot-Trick. When it comes to Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats this is something that you should not miss.

Pets for more Fans, Cash & Energy

Just like Tappables you can grab some Solid Tap-Rewards from Pets. Including Energy, Cash, and Fame. We would say that Pets are essential in Kim Kardashian Hollywood for every Home. Pets can cost you up to 50 Stars but are a good invention for future Taps. You can Tap your Pets from time to time and just grab the Rewards. Also, you will get Gold-Stars as Reward when you Purchase Pets. This is a good deal!

Build Business to get more Fame and earn Solid Cash

Want more Fame and Cash? Then why not just work on some Businesses! From a Bar to Clubs or even a Hair Salon. You can run your own Business and even Build an Empire. If you are about the Cash and Fame then you should not miss your own Business! Below we have some Business examples for you.

Want to Help People with their Hair? If so the Boorklyn Hair Salon could be something for you. It´s available for 65 K-Stars. To earn Cash with this Business just Pick the right Hairstyles for 5 Customers and you will earn 1.250$ and two K-Stars. As you can see this is some easy Money. Also by purchasing Salons, they will count within the Cribs achievement. You will also be able to change the Name of your Salon.

Get some Work

You are not about the Business or don´t have enough Stars to buy your own Business? Then there is another Option that you could Join. Just try to get a Job. You can find work within Work Buildings. Some of them are the “So Chic Boutique”, “Chateau” or the Glam Magazine. But also many others!

Try to win Collection Prices

Another Cool Feature that we want to introduce you within this Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack Post is Collection Prices. Yes, you heard right. You can win Prices by owning Collections. This Feature is available since Version 7.4 of Kim Kardashian Hollywood! In order to join this Event, you have to Buy Chances for the Collection. Keep in mind that Collections are just available for a limited Time. Collections will cost you mostly about 300-100 or more Stars and sometimes a few Thousand Dollars.

The Prizes for these Collections can be heavy. For example, you can grab about 50 Energy, 50.000 Dollars and 100 Stars. This is just one example There are different Prices, sometimes even 100 Energy and more.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack

Maybe you are here because you are in need of a working Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack. There are still Websites around offering you an Online Generator for Android and iOS. They can be used to add any number of Stars, Cash, Fame, and XP to your Account. What we noticed is that nearly 85% of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats is not even working properly. Did they even work? We don´t know! What we know is that there are still legit Generators available.

The tricky part is to find such solid Tools. We Tested some so-called Kim Kardashian Hack Tools. And we still had some success. Actually, we don´t want to promote any Generators here because as we told you before 85% of these are not working. Don´t get us wrong, there is a working Hack available. But to protect it from Patches we have to keep it Private. Maybe we will share some Cheats sooner or later. If so you will find the Source within this Page. Just Bookmark this Topic and keep your Eyes open for Upcoming Updates!

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