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What are the best Navigation Apps for Android? The Most Android Devices have Google Maps already pre-installed. But what is with the other Navigation Apps for Android? There are a few Android Apps available which are even better than Google Maps. Did you ever try them? Most people stick to Google Maps because it´s easy to use and already pre-installed. At this Point we recommend you to own another Navigation App in addition to Google Maps. Just for Backup. It happens that Google Maps is not Navigating perfectly sometimes.

Waze – Real-time Navigation

We start this post with a good app for navigation on the road. Waze will always get you to the goal. This app comes with real-time Navigation. Means that Waze is using GPS for the best Navigation. In addition, Waze comes with Realtime-Messages. Means that every time something Happens on the Road, Waze will know it. Whether accidents jam or construction sites Waze will let you know about this. Another cool feature is that you can see the cheapest gas stations in your area. Compared to Google Maps Waze is way more compatible for Navigation on the Road. Also, there are some cool Features that Google Maps is just missing.

Offline GPS – Android Navigation Apps

To be honest Offline GPS is not the best Navigation App out there. But the Main idea behind this App is very Cool. Offline GPS allows you Navigation without internet Connection. But how is this possible? Within Offline GPS you can pre-download the Maps from your Locations. Means that you can just open the Maps without Internet Connection. This Navigation App is for the Road only. It uses well Known Maps from navigation Systems which we know always works. You can imagine that there are Maps from all over the World. So where ever you are there will be a Map for you ready to Download in Offline Gps. Some features within the Navigation are said instructions, Warning about Flashing, intelligent track guidance and even more. Make sure you have Offline-GPS installed on your Android Device!

TomTom Go Mobile

The Navigation App we are about to show you is from TomTom. This is the biggest Producer of Navigation Systems in the World. You can just imagine that their App TomTom Go Mobile should be very solid. They have the Tools, Knowledge, and Coders! This App comes also with the Feature Offline-Maps. Means you can simply pre-download any Locations and the App will navigate you through. Another solid feature is that you can Navigate to Pictures which are marked with Geo-Tagging from your smartphone. Also, special Destinations are already Marked within the Maps like Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Gas Stations and other. The lane Assistant will always have an eye. So once you are driving on the wrong Lane the App will tell you.

Since the TomTom Go Mobile App is even Social there will b a Community which will always keep you informed about anything that happens on the Road. You will Even get Warnings about Radar Cameras which is a cool feature. Keep in Mind that TomTom already has the Data and brings it now to their Mobile App.

Magic Earth Navigation

OpenStreetMap, 3D Maps, Satelite Maps and Turn by Turn Navigation. This is just a few of the features that come with Magic Earth Navigation. This App is not very Well known but we are here to change this! Actually, there are many positives Reviews for this App on the PlayStore. We also tested this App and we are satisfied! The clue about Magic Earth Navigation is that this Android Navigation App is totally free. Also, there is an Offline-Mode available. The most features of this Navigation App require a steady Internet connection. The Maps within this App include OpenStreetMap, 3D Maps, Satelite Maps, and Wikipedia.

As you can see there is a big selection possible within Magic Earth Navigation. When it comes to Navigation this App includes Vehicle-Navigation, Head-up Display, lane Assistant, Road points, Traffic signs, Radar camera Warning System, speed limits, Bicycle Navigation such as pedestrian Navigation. Basically, all your needs will be covered with this App. Rumors say that Magic Earth Navigation is even better than OSMand+!

Google Maps (Winner Best Navigation Apps)

Of course, we have to talk about the classic Android Navigation App Google Maps! This is actually the best Navigation App which is available for Android Devices. There are Maps available for over 220 Countries and areas. Many Companies and Locations are already Marked on Google Maps so you can even see them in Google Maps. But also Traffic Warnings are available. This App can suggest you Bars, Cafes and other interesting Locations.

What makes Google Maps so interesting is their real-time Tracking System! Google Maps can create an arrival forecast for you. Means the App tells you how long your way will be and when you will arrive. The Traffic-Informations can help you to find your way through. Shortcuts will help you to find the fastest way to your destination.

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