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Create your own Pirate Crew in the World of the Anime One Piece! One Piece Treasure Cruise is a Tap Based RPG Game for mobile devices. Recruit Characters from the series like Zoro, Luffy or Bugy, Level them Up and go through the World as a Pirate. Can you find the Treasure?

One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack & Guide

Before we start with the initial Guide we want to Teach you some essential basics within this One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Tutorial! Once you started with this Game you eventually already noticed that there are different Character Types. In One Piece Treasure Cruise, you have a total of five different Attack Types. There are STR, DEX, QCK, INT and PSY based characters. Those Character Types can get a Boost. Later we will tell you more about this.

One Piece Treasure Cruise Basics

When you just started or about to start with One Piece Treasure Cruise you have to learn the Basics. Keep in Mind this is a Full-Guide for One Piece TC. If you already know this you can Skip this Text and stick to the advanced Tips below.

You can Force your characters to Take Action by Tapping them. Up to Six Characters can be used within a fight. Of course, every Character comes with their own attacks and skills. You can even Boost the Attacks of your Characters through Chains. To do so you have to Tap your Characters at the perfect moment. The Moment is perfect when the attacking Character is about to finish his Move.

Since the Damage will not hit individual Characters all the Damage within Battles will get counted. At the end of a fight, the Damage will be dealt with your Characters such as your enemies.

To recover Health you can stick to the meat. Some characters tend to pop up a Meat Icon. By Tapping it some meat will Drop. You can pick up the Meat with another Character to Attack. This will Recover Health for your whole Pirate Crew.

Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Now after you learned the Basics for One Piece Treasure Cruise you should also make sure to grab this Tips & Tricks. Once you completed the initial Tutorial you can grab the starters Gift. Just check your in-game Email. By doing so you will get the Luffy Straw Hat Heart Alliance. Such as Gems and Straw Hats.

OPTC – Team Building Guide

What is a Solid One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Guide without some advanced Information about Team Building? When you start the Game you will get Monkey D. Luffy-Gum-Gum Pistol with a few random recruits. Also as we mentioned above you can grab Trafalgar Law Straw Hat-Heart Pirate Alliance. And later on, you can get the Monkey D. Luffy Straw Hat Heart Pirate Alliance with 10 Straw Hats. This will give you a big advantage compared to Players which started this Game before 2017. They could only grab Non-Rare Characters such as Don Krieg and others.

Since of 2019, you will start with a cost Limit of 152 Stamina. This would be enough to have some Legends in your Crew. While you make Progress you will need stronger Pirates. What you have to focus on are Speed and Defense. That is the time where you have to think about which characters you should use for the Long run!

When you make Progress you can have up to eight Teams. Within the early Game, you should try to get a Team of each color. Try to build some Teams around classes. And make sure you have one Team full of Anti-Turtle Characters for fast Turtle Farming.

Common Classes are Fighters and Slashed which you can farm already within the story mode. Some Teams works better to fight several Bosses. For example, you can Defeat an STR Boss with a QCK Crew.

STR, INT, QCK and PSY Teams

Since you get the Hat-Heart Pirate Alliance at the begin of this game you can quickly make solid PSY and INT Teams. They do their Job Great but you can not get the EXP Boost from the EXPLaw.
You can also go for an EXP Team since you have Luffy at the beginning. Later on, you should Focus to get Portgas D. Ace Whitebeard´s Son for the STR Healing captain option.

Zoro is still a great choice for the Early Stage. Even if you have evolved him to Roronoa Zoro Ashura it´s still a valuable Characters for Solid DEX Teams. Zoro can be obtained from clearing the early Story islands.
After clearing some more Story Islands you will get Sanji which is a solid QCK leading character. Of course, there are better options available. Which you should get as soon as possible.

Your first INT Character will be Nami which is okayish. Make sure you get a Better Leader for your INT-Team as soon as you can.

Clear all Maps as a beginner

To clear Content can be hard or easy! The first Story Islands are easy to clear. Once you are at Arlong Park you can get in your first trouble. We recommend you to check the Island Page. There you can find Information on how to Beat those Maps. The most problems at this Point results from a Bad Crew or bad choice Team.

The Late Game will start at Water Seven. Those Maps require about 30 Stamina. Actually, this is the Regions where most Pro-Players are around. This is also why you can find many Tutorials for those High-End Maps. Please keep in mind this One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Post is made for beginners!

Farm better Characters

Farming Characters can be easy. You just have to know how. Of course, this is something we want to explain to you a bit more advanced. Since this what the Game is about. Getting better Characters. This is something that every One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack should come with! Poster Drops can vary. Mostly they are unknown. The Drop-Rate is about 1 to 10% which is obviously low!

To get started you should stick to farm Story Mode Chars. Especially at the 2x Drop Chance Rate. Means if for example, the chance to Drop one Character is 10% you will have a 20% chance on the 2x Days. Also, 0.5x Stamina Days can be worth to use. So take your chance and keep farming Posters!

Best Characters to Farm with

The best Characters can be obtained from Maps that require 40 or more Stamina. Through Friend Points events you can even obtain all Story Mode Characters. Friend Points Events are available every few months.
At this point, it would be useful to use Drop Doubles in One Piece Treasure Cruise. Those are characters which come with a chance of generating a copy of your Drops. What you should keep an eye on is Legend Buggy, RR Haruta or the Baccarat Gran Tesoro Concierge. There are also other Drop Characters available. We just listed a few!

Also, there are Characters available that increase your Beli or EXP. Such as Trafalgar Law Straw Hat Heart Pirate Alliance. RR Neptune King of the Ryugu Kingdom and many more.

Easy Story Units since 2017

Since an Update which happened in 2017 to One Piece Treasure Cruise, it is easy to obtain Story Units. Means you can obtain the best Units from Friend Points Recruitments. But also Events like the Straw Hats Journey or Chopperman Missions can give you those Units. Also, some Blue Story Units can be Dropped easy. Some rumors say that the Rates even increased up to 100% for some Units. This is why Farming Characters can be useless since you can Drop those already with a guarantee. But if you are a Hardcore PVE Players you can keep Farming and maybe Drop something better than those we mentioned above?

Early Isles that you can Farm

Some Early Isles which we recommend you to Farm within this One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats Post are listed Below.

You can get Alvida and evolve her to Iron Mace Alvida. She can Drop at Alvidas Hideout. This Character is great to Add within your Luffy Team.
Within the Shells Town, you can Drop and Evolve Cabin Boy Helmeppo. Which can be a great Sub-Character!

In Syrup Village Django can be obtained. His evolves are solid QCK-Based Slashers. But also Usopp can be farmed here. Sadly the Drop-Rate for Usopp is just 1%!

One Character that comes with the Highest ATK Numbers is the Enraged Arlong. You can Farm this Champ at the Arlong Park. Arlong can also be obtained from Events such as the Empire Rising Event!

This short List is just here to show you the possibilities to Farm. As you can see the most Characters can be obtained at their own Isles!

Is there a Working One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack?

We want to explain you a little bit about the One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack. As of right now, it looks like people are still looking for One Piece Treasure Cruise Cheats. And we can understand that! Many People want a lot of Gems & Beli without even doing the Work and Farm for their Items. Actually, we Tested a few One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack Tools. Most of them don´t even work. If there will be something that works in the Future we will Update this Post. But as of now, we could not find working Cheats for OPTC!

If you found something that Works you can let us know. Also, feel free to Post any Tips & Tricks within the Comments Section. This is how you can show us your support. Thank you for reading this Post.

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